Lessons Learned From My 7-Week-Old Son

01 Jan

#1 Stretch when you first wake up… He stretches his whole body. Pulls in his limbs and then out they go in all 4 directions. He arches his little back to one side and then the other. I tried it. It feels good. Especially stretching my arms out way over my head. Makes me breathe in deeply and get more oxygen. That’s never a bad thing.

#2 Greet the morning with lots of smiles and giggles. When he smiles and giggles at me first thing in the morning, its contagious. Of course I smile and giggle back at him. Imagine if we all smiled at people first thing in the morning instead of grumbling?  People would smile back at us and we’d all start feeling just a little bit happier. I know that’s how I feel when we have that little exchange.

#3 Don’t sit in your own mess for too long, it will start sticking to you. My son doesn’t like having a poopy diaper for too long. He’ll definitely tell me about it, too. (After all, he still needs help w/ his ‘messes’.) If it’s been a little too long, the yuckies sometimes stick. We all make messes in our lives… The sooner we clean it up, the sooner we can get on w/ the rest of life. And, it is ok if you need help cleaning it up. You just have to let someone know you need a hand.

These may no-brainers for most people. And, of course, I knew all the above before my son came into my life. But he reminded me in a way that stuck more poignantly… 

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