Dear Montana

23 May

Dear Montana

I remember the first time we met.  I was just an eleven year old girl who’d never been more than a few miles from her Midwest home.  You introduced me to mountains for the first time ever, and I fell in love with them… and with you. 

Under your Big Sky, I had many firsts… first time camping, first floating the irrigation canal, first high school, first jumping off a bridge into crystal clear, cool Gallatin River, first time snow skiing and first time water skiing.  You are where I made my first life-long, there-for-me-anytime friends.  My first 4th of July snowfall happened during your watch, too, come to think of it.  Thanks for that, by the way.

Tomorrow I drive out of the big, rain-soaked city, leave the Evergreen State and return to you.  I bring my most important “First” with me – my first-born son.  I pray you watch over him as he takes his first steps on your soil and learns his life-lessons in the shadow of your mountains. 

I promise to teach him to respect you and all that is yours… your clean waters, your flowing grasses, and all your wild things. It is said that there is a first time for everything… I am happy my next first is with you, Montana.

with love, from the eleven year old girl who still lives in my heart.

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