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For My Husband on His First Father’s Day

Dear Steve,


Long before you held your son for the very first time, I knew you were a man worthy of having one. I watched you with children not your own and saw the depth of your heart, the strength of your character and the sweetness of your soul.

When I saw you hold your son for the first time, tears in your eyes, I watched you gingerly cradle your whole world.  When you kissed him for the first time and breathed deep his baby smell, I saw that part of you that misses your own father, begin to truly heal.

You will teach your son not by telling him but by showing him how to be a good man, how to be his own man.  You will guide him, giving him a lot of lead line to find his own way and reel him in when the waters get way too rough.  As you find your footing with this new role – fatherhood – my heart sees your joy, your pride, your worry, your daddy-ness.  Your love shines straight into his little heart and your son reflects that back in the way he smiles at you.

On your first Father’s Day, my husband, know you are good.



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Sunshine Rain

Dear Hunter, my sweet son,

As I sit here you are napping and the rain is pouring out of the clouds at the same time the sun is shining.

Sunshine Rain is special because it will remind you of the benefits of both. The earth is nourished by both rain and sun at the same time. And in life, when you experience challenges and joys at the same time, know that your heart, your soul and your character is nourished and strengthened.

Love, Mom

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Twenty-Five Years

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of my graduation from high school. If I had known on THAT day where I would be on THIS day, I would not have believed it.  But when you are 17 years old (or 25 years old, for that matter), no one can really tell you anything.

Many of my 20-something choices were sketchy and I have often wished for a do-over on some of those.  Getting married at 19 falls into the “wish-I-hadn’t-done-that” column.  Same with dropping out of college (to get married, no less).  REALLY regretted that one over the years.  And sometimes it took more than once to learn a hard lesson.

I have much to be grateful for over that time span, too. My parents are still walking the earth with me.  I met fascinating people like the Discovery Channel crew who were in Talkeetna, AK and went on to climb Denali and document it over the internet. I hopped a flight to Switzerland to spend a long weekend with buddy from Smith College (because I eventually finished college and even a Master’s degree along the way).

Looking back, the joyous moments outweigh the thorny ones. The loving, smart, sweet people out-number the crazy, manipulative, angry ones. Looking forward, there are new lessons to learn, interesting people to meet and sparkling adventures to be had.  And I am up for all of it!


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