Twenty-Five Years

02 Jun

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of my graduation from high school. If I had known on THAT day where I would be on THIS day, I would not have believed it.  But when you are 17 years old (or 25 years old, for that matter), no one can really tell you anything.

Many of my 20-something choices were sketchy and I have often wished for a do-over on some of those.  Getting married at 19 falls into the “wish-I-hadn’t-done-that” column.  Same with dropping out of college (to get married, no less).  REALLY regretted that one over the years.  And sometimes it took more than once to learn a hard lesson.

I have much to be grateful for over that time span, too. My parents are still walking the earth with me.  I met fascinating people like the Discovery Channel crew who were in Talkeetna, AK and went on to climb Denali and document it over the internet. I hopped a flight to Switzerland to spend a long weekend with buddy from Smith College (because I eventually finished college and even a Master’s degree along the way).

Looking back, the joyous moments outweigh the thorny ones. The loving, smart, sweet people out-number the crazy, manipulative, angry ones. Looking forward, there are new lessons to learn, interesting people to meet and sparkling adventures to be had.  And I am up for all of it!


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Posted by on June 2, 2013 in Lessons Learned, New Adventures


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