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It’s Officially The First…

…birthday, that is. Happy First Birthday to Hunter Patrick!


Dear Son,

Today is your very first birthday. Your dad and I have been blessed to have you for a whole 12 months already and share in some amazing “firsts.”

You breathed the first time and we held our own breaths.
Crying your first cry, made us cry with joy.
Your first smile lit our hearts and
The first giggle had us laughing with you.
When you first rolled over and first sat up,
We cheered your achievement.
And as we roll into your second year,
we anticipate your first steps –
knowing there are still many
“firsts” ahead of us.

Its been a great first year, my sweet little boy…


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…the sound a year makes as it rushes right by.

Everyone told me that “it goes by fast” once I had a baby. And Everyone was right. With Hunter’s first birthday sneaking up on me, I am amazed at the speed this year has passed.

My snuggly baby is turning into a rambunctious boy who finds great fun in crawling away from me as fast as his all-fours can take him, squealing with delight as I run after him, diaper and paste in hand, trying to cover his behind.

I know the days of holding him in my lap, cuddling him close are not over, but I realize, too, that they are at least numbered. So I will cherish each snuggle… because, you know, it goes so fast…

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