05 Nov

…the sound a year makes as it rushes right by.

Everyone told me that “it goes by fast” once I had a baby. And Everyone was right. With Hunter’s first birthday sneaking up on me, I am amazed at the speed this year has passed.

My snuggly baby is turning into a rambunctious boy who finds great fun in crawling away from me as fast as his all-fours can take him, squealing with delight as I run after him, diaper and paste in hand, trying to cover his behind.

I know the days of holding him in my lap, cuddling him close are not over, but I realize, too, that they are at least numbered. So I will cherish each snuggle… because, you know, it goes so fast…

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One response to “Whoosh….

  1. Mom

    November 6, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    Oh..o..o so fast. It’s blitzerkreg fast. He is just magic though. :o)


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