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Put One Foot In Front Of The Other…

…and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor. Put one foot in front of theQuad riding other, and soon you’ll be walking out the door. ~ This is a line from a song in the Santa Claus cartoon movie that most everyone my age grew up watching every Christmas.

The Winter Warlock learns how to be kind … one step at a time.

I was watching this video the other night as my son took his first steps. It was so amazing to watch him stand straight up, not hold onto anything, look around in amazement and then take off. And then bam! All fours hit the floor. He was so excited, he got right back up and went again. And again. And again.

And just like that, he’s begun his real first steps toward independence. There are going to be so many more falls..physical and otherwise, as he navigates the world. And I know that each time he falls, I will want to scoop him into my arms, and hold him tight, hoping to make it all better. But, like I did the other night, I am going to have to hold back and let him do it on his own, let him figure it out. I will cheer him on, telling him he can do it and that I am proud of him.

What an honor to help this little human being.

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December In NW Montana

Could be 60 degrees,
Could be -25
Could have 10 inches of snow
Could have blue skies
Could have rain and mud
Could have rainbows and sun
…. and if you don’t like any of that, wait 5 minutes, it will change.

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Moving from one place in life to another is not easy.  I am recognizing what it takes to move, whether it’s a new job, new life stage or new state. It’s all an upheaval of epic proportions and not for the faint of heart.

There is a space of ‘in-between-ness’ with certain moves where time feels like it slows or gets measured differently.  When I was waiting for my son’s birth, in those last few weeks of pregnancy, I was between being a mom and not being a mom. I felt like I would be this behemoth woman forever and that my son would never be born. I measured time by the numbers of doctor visits we went to each week.  And I called this place my state of grace.

Most in-between spaces don’t even come close to that.  They are messy.  Literally.  Moving a household is a messy job. And it produces insanity in typically sane people. I know, I recently moved (OK, it was 7 months ago now…but I remember it like it was yesterday!) from one state to another.  And leaving friends and comfort zones like the favorite Pho restaurant can feel pretty sad. OK, so I am not really sad about leaving the Pho restaurant behind. But I definitely miss the pals!

Changing jobs… definitely ranks high on the stress and mess scale. Even a good job shift isn’t easy.  Learning new people, new systems and again, leaving a comfort zone of the “known” increases the blood pressure.

Getting through that in-between stage can really suck. But coming out on the other side, looking back and saying, “wow, I actually did THAT!”… well, I think that is pretty dang cool.

So, if you are in that in-between stage with something… hang in there.  If you’ve made it through, pat yourself on the back and say, “Job well done.”


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