Oh, my aching back!

29 Jan

What happens when the mom hurts her back and can’t really operate at full capacity and full speed?

I am learning to ask for help. It’s hard to do, too. I don’t like feeling helpless. I don’t like feeling like a burden to others. When did we begin believing that asking for help meant those things? Isn’t that sort of ‘f-ed’ up?

What is the phenomenon that takes place – the shift in mindset that makes me feel this way?? Cultural, social, post-industrial clap-trap about women (and men) supposedly being able to always do it all????

So many of us often offer help to others all the time and yet when it comes to asking for and accepting it ourselves, we feel inadequate? That feels a little lopsided.

Goal for today: Ask for and receive help as graciously as I always offer and give it.

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