Motivation, Passion, Action!

07 Mar

In my line of work, people often say, “I just need to get motivated.”
We all need that, for sure. But it doesn’t come from an outside source. I think it is a passion that comes from someplace inside of us… call it the gut, the soul, the heart… but it’s a driving force that pushes us to do something so we get the feeling of satisfaction -the ‘high’- of having done it.

After having Hunter, I have learned how hard it is to conjure, prod, or find that drive for myself. As I continue to search for what might motivate me, I remind myself, over and over, that if it is important enough for me to do, I WILL find a way to do it.

For me that’s running. I WANT to get back into it. But so far I haven’t been motivated enough to make it a priority. I have to remind myself what I tell my clients. Yoda’s wisdom… There is no ‘try’, only ‘do.’

So, I am coming to the realization that motivation is Passion fueled by Action; and lives under the umbrella of discipline. Having the discipline to act on our passion propels us toward our goals.

Now, where are my running shoes?????

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