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Sea Home

Jewel-like, greenish-bluish, aqua –
– rolling colors –

The escaping tide
draws my breath with it

Lapping surf slurp-slurps
against the rocks
splashing drops of salty
wetness over the sea wall

And I drink in the sun
and my mind surfs the
swirling clouds as they
are blown by warm gentle winds

My primordial heart
beats in time
with cresting waves
and I close my eyes

I hear the sea call my name
reminding me we used to be one
and I sigh
peaceful at last – home.

~annie ricci~


Bahamas 2011

Bahamas 2011

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Summer Joy!


We are lucky to have so many different wildflowers blooming at different times of the summer. It’s a good reminder that we each boom differently at different times. If we showed all of our colors all at once and, then we were done blooming, there would be less color in our lives and in our world.

Don’t watch others who are blooming around you with envy, wishing that was you, too. You will bloom when the time is right and your colors will be brilliant!

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