Happy New Year, Hunter

08 Jan

Dear Hunter,

I understand now when people say that once you have kids, time flies even faster. Since my last post to you, you have turned two years old and had your first Christmas where you really started to understand Santa Claus and presents. They were milestones for you that I caught in pictures, but got too busy to capture in words.

Your birthday was a small affair, just you, dad, Grandma and me.  You had fun opening your presents and figuring out the concept of blowing out the candles on the cake. Christmas found you trying to figure out which present to play with first.  And you still ask me if Santa Claus is coming.  You still break into the Santa Claus song or the Happy Birthday song.  When I catch it, I join in and sing with you.  And we giggle.  You are fun and happy, my sweet son.

You practice talking at the loudest volume possible.  You can put several words together now and I love the sentences you come up with.  Especially when you pipe up and say: Mommy broke snow plow.  Thanks, buddy.  Let’s not announce that to the world anymore, ok? Another favorite of mine is: I uv oo, Daddy. It’s a favorite because of how it makes your Daddy feel when you say it. I see the look on his face and I can tell he’s feeling a state of bliss and love that only you can make him feel. So, keep that one up, ok?

I don’t know what is in store for all of us in 2015, Hunter. And that’s what’s cool about a new year, son.  It’s fresh-faced and filled with possibilities… just like you.  I can tell you this for sure; however, your Dad and I will be right by your side as you discover your world.  There will be plenty of times when you are going to get frustrated with us as we help you learn acceptable behavior.  But there will be even more times that you feel loved, safe, supported, and accomplished as Dad and I play with you, cheer you on and love you to pieces.


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