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Comin’ in Hot – or Out of the Mouths of Babes

Dear Hunter,

Your vocabulary is exploding! You say everything you hear.  Of course that means I REALLY need to be careful of what I say when you can hear me.  I actively bite my tongue and make up all sorts of new words to substitute my usual swear words. Stubbing my toe elicits something like hockapookadookadoo instead of the f word.

Just the other day, out of the blue you said, “Uptown funk you up, Mama!!”  Only the ‘n’ in funk didn’t really come through. All I could do was laugh, play the song again and dance around the kitchen with you in my arms. Moments I treasure, my sweet boy.

And then there’s Comin’ in Hot!  Dad and I say that when we are coming up to a turn or stop while driving and we might be going a wee bit faster than we want to be or ought to be driving. As you and I left your grandma’s the other day, nosing to a stop (and I was really going slowly this time) you yell out, “Coming in hot, mommy!”  Wow… I thought.  Witnessing your brain make connections and your memory expand is such a privilege.

I love all your words, your sentences, your thoughts and observations.  You surprise me every day with something new.  And I am in awe of all of it… and in awe of you.  You remind me how precious life is and how it is filled with wonder.  You make me grateful, Hunter. Thank you.


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