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Last Race

Dear shoes,
We are about to embark on our last journey together. I think it is only fitting that we end on a good note, 13.1 miles seems like a good time to call it quits. Thank you for carrying me for all these miles these past five years.  

You carried me when I was big fat and pregnant with a 9 pound baby. You supported me as we pushed that same baby in the jogging stroller uphill over and over again. After today, it’s your turn to take a break.


Your runner

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I Am Toddler. Hear Me Roar.

Dear Hunter,

Thank you for your lungs, your vocal chords and your ability to use them.  You really do not know what “inside voice” means. Well, you are beginning to get it but you are two and half and basically could care less about such notions as etiquette. Or your mom’s peace.  I know the day will come when you won’t yell your head off at bugs and birds…. maybe at football games or such… but I know it won’t be the same.

Your toddler moments are going by all too fast, son.  I want to hold on to them like I want to hold on to you.  But like you, they squirm and wiggle their wildness right through my fingers.  There will be time enough throughout the rest of your life to sit quietly and speak softly.  For now, you go ahead and scream and yell and run.

I love you, Hunter.


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