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Seven Years

Dear Hunter,

Tomorrow is Halloween. Dad and I will have been together for seven years.

Sweet son, you are going to hear us joke through the years about that Halloween.  Dad loves to tease me about throwing myself at him and I usually laugh and say something like, “You wish!!”

Although our first meeting had been two weeks before, Halloween 2008 was our first official date. The intervening two weeks were punctuated by long phone calls and chats.  Your dad went to Idaho hunting (which, when you read this, will come as no surprise to you) with a couple of his really good friends.  I remember him telling me the guys were teasing him.  I remember him asking me to read him some of my poetry.  No one had asked before.

When Halloween arrived, I wore the prerequisite LBD (little black dress) and curled my hair.  I met your dad in Seattle.  We lived quite a ways from each other and Seattle was a good mid point. We went to a seafood restaurant on Lake Union which may be closed now.  The host asked if we were there on a special occasion and your dad said, “Our anniversary.” He’s fun that way, son. We got a free dessert at the end of our dinner. Besides that dessert, I remember how handsome your dad was (and, Hunter, I will always think your dad is fabulously handsome) and how much we talked.

After that, we took a taxi up to a neighborhood called Belltown and found a great little wine bar.  We walked in to find the entire place was empty.  We enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and kept right on talking.  We shared dating horror stories, chatted about stuff each of us liked and didn’t like.  Being with your dad was easy.

But, let me back up just a bit…. because we were in Seattle, we decided we’d stay the night to be safe and not on the roads late.  I met your dad at the Marriott where we were staying. We took my overnight bag up to my room.  Riding the elevator back to the lobby, we faced Lake Union all sparkly with lights from the city streets. Your sweet, smart, funny, handsome dad pulled me close in the elevator kissed me for the very first time, literally taking my breath away.

Kiddo, daddy still takes my breath away.

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Mom and Dad Before You

Steve_&_Annie Show

Dear Hunter,

Every year, I have made your dad a video of our year together using pictures we’ve taken and music that made us dance. Apparently WordPress won’t allow me to upload videos I’ve made using windows movie maker. But my first ‘production’ was a power point slide show. And THAT is something I can upload. I am sharing this with you because I want you to know how much dad and I loved each other from the start.

My dear boy, I pray you find a love that matches (and exceeds) mine and daddy’s. I pray you find a love that becomes your best friend, someone with whom you share all life’s ups and downs.

One day, I’ll share all the other videos with you, too, son.


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