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Four Months

According to the stats on WP, it’s been four months since I published my last post. Where did those four months go and what did I do during them?

Well, Hunter celebrated his 3rd birthday and enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in November. Then there was Christmas and all the preparation around that: cards to get out, gifts to make and send, pictures with Santa and the the Day itself to enjoy.

January was all about starting a new year… and digging out from lots of snow. Then it was Steve’s birthday and a trip to West Yellowstone…and blah blah blah….

What was really happening, though, was I dug into some deep material and began developing a workshop on confidence for women. That meant looking at my own relationship with confidence. Where am I confident? Where am I just not? What do I want to do about it? What do I want to help other women do about it? And how?

What was really happening was struggling with  …and accepting… that Hunter was/is going to be an only child. Daily practicing gratitude for my three-year blessing and all his rakish behavior and sweet, tender heart so that my focus stayed off what wasn’t/isn’t to be.

What was really happening was living a daily romance with my husband that included shared parenting and caring for the kiddo, partnering with each other around finances, dishes and snow-shoveling. People want to know what we were doing for Valentine’s Day. Our answer: Every day is Valentine’s in our home and relationship. We don’t just share our hearts one day a year… we do it every day. We turn to each other in moments of sadness and frustration as well as in moments of triumph. It works for us.

What was really happening was I let go of the need for a perfectly clean house in favor of spending time with friends and people I care about.  I turned on Daniel Tiger and held my boy, watching with him… It was a good four months.

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