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Tomorrow I meet with a representative of the Veteran’s Administration who helps veterans apply for additional benefits.  I meet with her to talk about my dad’s situation and I have to provide her with another whole slew of information that I have provided, in part, to others involved in this financial requirement quagmire.  But before that meeting, I will have to take my four-year-old son to preschool and then back to his grandmother, who will watch him while I attend that meeting.

Amazing how you can cerebrally know about a situation and intellectually understand it without having a real clue about how it plays out in a life… until it plays out in your own life.  I am sandwiched.  Running the kiddo around to preschool and playdates.  And fielding phone calls about my dad’s next doctor’s appointment and figuring out if I can make it to that one.  Falling into bed at night thinking, “Crap. I don’t think my son brushed his teeth today.  And I didn’t get that check sent off for dad’s taxes.” Sigh. Sleep.

Some days it feels more like sandbagged.

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