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Little One, You Are Loved

“I am not going to love you, Mom.”

“That’s fine, honey, I love you no matter what.”

“NO! REALLY MOM!!!! I am never loving you again! REALLY.”

You were mad. You went to bed in your bed for the first time. And you were scared. Mad and scared. You cried yourself to sleep.

Shortly, you cried out, “Mommy!! I am so scared!!” I came and carried you to our bed. You slept snuggled up to me all night.

In the morning, you said, “Mama, I thought about what I said last night about not loving you. And I am sorry. I love you mommy.”

“My sweet little one. I love you no matter what. You are loved more than you’ll ever know.”

You are five years old. Everything is a big deal. I will let you feel your feelings. And I will love you through them. I will always comfort you.



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