Another Mother’s Day Approaches

06 May

Dear Hunter,IMG_0260

You are five and a half years old already.  I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve grown since you first came into my life.  Your head reaches well past my belly button now.  You’ve shaved your own head (on Christmas Eve, no less) and it’s finally time for you to get a real haircut again.  You will finish preschool in a few weeks and spend the summer turning blonde and brown all at the same time.

You exasperate me and exhaust me.  You amaze me with your love of the outdoors and your knowledge of animals.  You are able to reason with me and think.  You argue with me all the time.  All. The.  Time.   You are fearless.  Riding your bicycle or riding your quad, you are always pushing the limits of safety…and my faith in helmets.

Pretty soon we will celebrate “Mother’s Day.”  Your dad wants to know what I want to do.  And I am not all that sure.  For me, it’s mother’s day every day.  Loads of laundry, driving you to school and t-ball and jujitsu make up part of every day for this mother.  So does the love you give me and the faith you have in my love.

You are why I celebrate Mother’s Day every day, Hunter.  I prayed for you to come into existence.  I dreamed of you.  I saw you before I ever knew you were on the way.  You are my little light growing into a beacon.   You make me want to be a better mom and a better person, sweetheart.IMG_0387



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