For Steve – on the Death of his Mom

09 Nov

…my mother-in-law passed away on October 1, 2018.
My husband was with her during


Doris and Steven Ricci 2017

her last days and there for her last breath.  He shared with me his experiences and his precious moments of that time.  I crafted this poem for him and he read it at her memorial service.


You smiled with love and held onto my face.

We chatted about everyone and every place.

You came in and out, not always quite there.

I watched over you and gently stroked your hair.

They were both easy and hard, those last few days.

When you called me “little asshole”, I knew you were okay.

We laughed and we cried and we hugged and we kissed.

I held on to each moment even as I felt my world shift.

I felt the change take over your breath.

And my heart thudded like stone in my chest.

I held your thin and lovely face in my hands.

And I kissed it with all the love that I had.

I saw you. Mother. Friend. Woman. Wife.

I felt the dignity you had every day of your life.

I thanked you and told you we would all be okay.

I said we would miss you but that you could go today.

Go and be with Daddy, and Papa, and Non.

Go.  And know that you were the very best mom.

~annie ricci~

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