Happy 6th, Big Boy!

09 Nov


Dear Hunter,

This time six years ago, you had been in my arms for all of five hours, after having been plucked from my belly because you refused to enter the world on anyone’s terms but your own.  And you still greet the world that way…on your own terms.  You are outgoing, confident, smart, happy, energetic and the joy of my life.

You make dad and me laugh every day because you have a unique sense of humor.  You love animals and fishing and hunting and everything outdoors.  You are also sensitive and kind.  You have a wonderful imagination and ask interesting questions.  Your insights astound me sometimes.

Dad and I love you more than you will ever know.  Some days it’s hard to be good parents and say no to your every desire and whim.  It’s hard to teach you lessons like the importance of telling the truth and working toward goals.  But we do it because you deserve to be raised with values like honesty, hard work, and compassion.

My hope for you this coming year is that you keep your wide-eyed innocence even as you continue to learn about the world around you.  Thank you for being our son.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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