First One Down…

12 Sep

Dear Hunter,

Tomorrow you graduate from kindergarten.  Your teacher, Mrs. Wisher, has been a critical person in your life this past nine months.  She fostered your love of learning and helped you begin reading and doing math.  I know you’ve loved her.  And I am so happy that your first teacher was kind, brilliant, assertive and just what you needed this first year of your educational career.

Daddy and I are amazed at your intellectual abilities at such a young age.  We are both very proud of the fine student you are becoming.  Even though recess has been your favorite part of school every day, I know you also love to learn.

Tomorrow is also your last day of t-ball.  Next year you will be on the big-boy team experiencing real pitching, real scoring.  I know you will knock it out of the park…just like you’ve done during t-ball.

My wonderful boy, you are the light and joy of my world.  I thank your sweet soul for choosing me to be your mother.  Keep learning and continue loving to learn, my sweet little one.  Your education will take you places beyond your wildest imagination…it will open doors.

I know I will cry tomorrow.  Not because I am sad…but because I am so proud of you and because these days and years are flying by too fast.


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