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Covid-19 Quarantine Letter to My Boy

Dear Hunter,

One day you will be older and reading this.  When you look back on this time in your life, I hope you remember that you had fun outside.  You target practiced with your bow & arrows.  You stalked chipmunks with your BB gun.  You drove the side-by-side 4-wheeler all over the back pasture.  You played.  You did some school work.  You probably spent too much time with the TV and the iPad.  And you missed your friends.  But you loved being home with me, too.

You helped me a lot.  During the time we were quarantined, I was recovering from knee surgery.  You were my runner.  You ran my smoothie upstairs for me.  You ran the laundry downstairs for me. You ran the dogs outside for some fresh air. You ran around like the wild seven-year-old little boy you were.

Thank you for your sweet spirit and fun personality.  Thank you for being smart and interested in the natural world.  Speaking of world… you are my whole world, my sweet son.  The craziness of the coronavirus pandemic scares me for you.  There will come a day when something like this happens again and I might not be here to keep you safe at home with me.  But I trust that you will always do the right and smart thing.

One day in the future when you are reading this, I hope you look back and remember we laughed and put puzzles together.  I hope you remember we snuggled on the couch and stayed up late watching tv.  One day in the future when you are reading this, I hope you remember the feel of my arms hugging you tightly.  Because these days, I am holding on a little longer and little tighter.

I love you, my sweet boy, I love you!


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