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Second Grade

Second Grade

Dear Hunter,

Well, you are in school. In a new school. A new teacher. New kiddos. And a mask. Dad and I decided to move you to a new school because their test scores for reading beat the old school’s scores by a TON!! It’s a smaller school. And your best buddy, Ivan, was going to go there, too. But change is still change.

You cried yourself to sleep this week, feeling like you had no friends and that no one likes you. You told me you were different and that nobody likes what you like. You LOVE all things hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, and pretty much anything having to do with the outdoors. And then some girl in class made fun of pronouncing your name. Change is hard, kiddo. And stressful.

I wanted to tell you how to fix it all. But, instead, I listened. And then I listened some more until you were falling asleep while talking. You need to unload. You need a safe place to land the big plane of emotions. And the next day at school was better. And so was the day after that. I shared your stories with your teacher and your principal. And they moved into action to support you more. And I think you’re feeling better as the week comes to an end.

I hope I am always the safe place for you to share what’s on your heart. I’ll try to always ask you what you need from me…and if you can’t tell me, I’ll listen and listen and listen even more.

I love you, buddy.


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