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Summer Joy!


We are lucky to have so many different wildflowers blooming at different times of the summer. It’s a good reminder that we each boom differently at different times. If we showed all of our colors all at once and, then we were done blooming, there would be less color in our lives and in our world.

Don’t watch others who are blooming around you with envy, wishing that was you, too. You will bloom when the time is right and your colors will be brilliant!

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Motivation, Passion, Action!

In my line of work, people often say, “I just need to get motivated.”
We all need that, for sure. But it doesn’t come from an outside source. I think it is a passion that comes from someplace inside of us… call it the gut, the soul, the heart… but it’s a driving force that pushes us to do something so we get the feeling of satisfaction -the ‘high’- of having done it.

After having Hunter, I have learned how hard it is to conjure, prod, or find that drive for myself. As I continue to search for what might motivate me, I remind myself, over and over, that if it is important enough for me to do, I WILL find a way to do it.

For me that’s running. I WANT to get back into it. But so far I haven’t been motivated enough to make it a priority. I have to remind myself what I tell my clients. Yoda’s wisdom… There is no ‘try’, only ‘do.’

So, I am coming to the realization that motivation is Passion fueled by Action; and lives under the umbrella of discipline. Having the discipline to act on our passion propels us toward our goals.

Now, where are my running shoes?????

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