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for my husband on his 56th birthday…

you are my ocean

and my opalescent shore

you are my swaying cedar

and my rest from the storm

you are my river

my white-water thrill ride

full of spring melt-off,

you sweep us

to the next season

of our lives

you are my mountain

and my rock

you are a dream


you are my star-lit sky

and I love you

the whole world

~annie ricci~

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Little Boy Dreams About…

Little Boy Dreams About…

…adventures in the woods
…fishing in streams
…snowshoe-backpacking on the mountain
…catching critters
…hunting trips with daddy
…wrestling the dog
…snuggling close to mom
…campfire heat on his face
…splashing and sploshing and skipping stones
…comparing footprints with grizzlies
…growing up
…growing up
…growing up
…he dreams about growing up so fast
…my head spins
…my heart sinks deep
…I search for my stiff upper lip
…eye lashes gating tears
…my dream
…keeps me in his field of vision
…and runs face-first
…after his dreams.
~annie ricci~

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Close your eyes and know I am here
Holding you tight, chasing away your fear
Ohhhh, sweet boy, don’t grow so fast
Shhhh, sweet boy, the dark won’t last

You’re in my arms safe and sound
I feel your heart beating, feel it pound
Snuggle in, sweet boy, I’ll tell a story
About your adventures, sweet boy

About you running, jumping, climbing trees
And going full-speed and getting stung by bees
Breathe easy, sweet boy, let your whole self rest
Keep kitty close, sweet boy, tight to your chest

Sleep is winning the” I’m-not-tired” war
Your lids are heavy and dreams aren’t far
Quiet now, sweet boy, slumber and snore
Tomorrow, sweet boy, we’ll play even more

~for my sweet boy, Hunter~


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Father’s Day 2016

Dear Son,

Your Daddy loves you more
than mountains love spring rain.
You pull his world around
like the moon pulls the tide.
And when your tears flow
he feels your anger and your pain.
When you ask to get on his shoulders
he never refuses giving the ride.

Daddy will be your rock when life
throws you this way and that.
He’ll teach you what’s what:
like how to build, how to fix,
how to fish and how to hunt.
He’ll show by example how to be a man.
And you can be sure, if you’ve earned it,
you’ll also get your licks.

Your Daddy loves you the whole world
and then some.


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A Sprung Spring

Wild Toms strut full colors in the front yard
Plain-jane hens ingore the mating show
Whitetail deer eat everything

Sun shines on snow peaks above the house
Crocus peeks cautiously out of dark earth
Dust swirls up behind the neighbor’s truck

Larch trees sprout whisper-soft green needles
Robins hop, fly, and nest in the birch
Shadows hide the last of the ice-crystal snow

Pungent, crinkled air breezes into the house
Winter’s sleepiness sloughs off like old snake skin
And the deer eat everything


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Today I Ran

today i ran the same 3 miles
today i ran vigilant for bears
today i ran grateful i could
today i ran under the Montana sun
today i ran downhill then up
today i ran and cared not about pace
today i ran past blooming wildflowers
today i ran pushing precious cargo
today i ran honoring each step
today i ran letting go of garbage
today i ran well
today i ran

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Your Poem

Try as I might
to craft a poem for you –
just for you –
turns-of-phrase and perfect words
elude me.

What I have come to realize,
is Your Poem –
the one that my heart will write you –
is a work in progress.

It unfolds daily.
It’s in every kiss
and every argument.
It’s in the mundane moments
and the extraordinary events.

This poem – Your Poem –
burns up my brain on every drive we take.
And it sings out in songs that move me to tears.
Your Poem – the one I long to write you –
lives and breathes
in the two-year-old that sleeps between us.

It dances around us when we do the two-step
in the middle of dinner.
And it reveals itself in every private joke
and each shed tear, all the hellos
and all the good byes

Try as I might
to craft a poem for you –
Your Poem eludes me.

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If We Were Fifteen Again…

If we were eighteen again, I’d keep my promise to stay in touch
And you’d always know how to reach me…

If we were twenty again, I’d call on every birthday and anniversary
And tell you how much I miss you…

If we were twenty-six again, I’d lean on you through my divorce
And you’d call me and cry on my shoulder when you were hurting…

If we were thirty again, I’d make plans for a Girls’ Weekend
 And we’d celebrate like were still teenagers…

If we were fifteen again, I’d write you a poem
And I’d tell you that I loved you like you were my own sister…



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Summer smells like pine trees and just-cut-sweet hay
feels like joy and dances on my skin
while dragon flies slip-slide on the breeze
darting in and out of cottonwood trees

Summer explodes color, mixes them
like oils on the artist’s palate
marigold orange, sunflower yellow
alfalfa green

Summer sings love songs on humming bird wings
with a rhythm faster than the beating heart
at night it sings cricket songs in harmony
with sprinklers and laughing children

Summer rides its own heat wave
like a surfer hangin’ ten
on a long board
all the way into Autumn


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Sea Home

Jewel-like, greenish-bluish, aqua –
– rolling colors –

The escaping tide
draws my breath with it

Lapping surf slurp-slurps
against the rocks
splashing drops of salty
wetness over the sea wall

And I drink in the sun
and my mind surfs the
swirling clouds as they
are blown by warm gentle winds

My primordial heart
beats in time
with cresting waves
and I close my eyes

I hear the sea call my name
reminding me we used to be one
and I sigh
peaceful at last – home.

~annie ricci~


Bahamas 2011

Bahamas 2011

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