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Yellowstone on a Sunday

I want to…IMG_1941
…feel the earth
…smell the sun
…hear the stars
…wildly run

I want to…
…bar the world
…whisper on your lips
…caress away worry
…rise up to your hips

I want to…
…roll in wildflowers
…breathe in Yellowstone
…grace Old Faithful
…roam with buffalo

I will…
…trust the Divine’s Plan
…honor Mother Earth
…hold each moment sacred
…act with Love first

~annie ricci~

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Happy 6th, Big Boy!


Dear Hunter,

This time six years ago, you had been in my arms for all of five hours, after having been plucked from my belly because you refused to enter the world on anyone’s terms but your own.  And you still greet the world that way…on your own terms.  You are outgoing, confident, smart, happy, energetic and the joy of my life.

You make dad and me laugh every day because you have a unique sense of humor.  You love animals and fishing and hunting and everything outdoors.  You are also sensitive and kind.  You have a wonderful imagination and ask interesting questions.  Your insights astound me sometimes.

Dad and I love you more than you will ever know.  Some days it’s hard to be good parents and say no to your every desire and whim.  It’s hard to teach you lessons like the importance of telling the truth and working toward goals.  But we do it because you deserve to be raised with values like honesty, hard work, and compassion.

My hope for you this coming year is that you keep your wide-eyed innocence even as you continue to learn about the world around you.  Thank you for being our son.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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For Steve – on the Death of his Mom

…my mother-in-law passed away on October 1, 2018.
My husband was with her during


Doris and Steven Ricci 2017

her last days and there for her last breath.  He shared with me his experiences and his precious moments of that time.  I crafted this poem for him and he read it at her memorial service.


You smiled with love and held onto my face.

We chatted about everyone and every place.

You came in and out, not always quite there.

I watched over you and gently stroked your hair.

They were both easy and hard, those last few days.

When you called me “little asshole”, I knew you were okay.

We laughed and we cried and we hugged and we kissed.

I held on to each moment even as I felt my world shift.

I felt the change take over your breath.

And my heart thudded like stone in my chest.

I held your thin and lovely face in my hands.

And I kissed it with all the love that I had.

I saw you. Mother. Friend. Woman. Wife.

I felt the dignity you had every day of your life.

I thanked you and told you we would all be okay.

I said we would miss you but that you could go today.

Go and be with Daddy, and Papa, and Non.

Go.  And know that you were the very best mom.

~annie ricci~

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Another Mother’s Day Approaches

Dear Hunter,IMG_0260

You are five and a half years old already.  I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve grown since you first came into my life.  Your head reaches well past my belly button now.  You’ve shaved your own head (on Christmas Eve, no less) and it’s finally time for you to get a real haircut again.  You will finish preschool in a few weeks and spend the summer turning blonde and brown all at the same time.

You exasperate me and exhaust me.  You amaze me with your love of the outdoors and your knowledge of animals.  You are able to reason with me and think.  You argue with me all the time.  All. The.  Time.   You are fearless.  Riding your bicycle or riding your quad, you are always pushing the limits of safety…and my faith in helmets.

Pretty soon we will celebrate “Mother’s Day.”  Your dad wants to know what I want to do.  And I am not all that sure.  For me, it’s mother’s day every day.  Loads of laundry, driving you to school and t-ball and jujitsu make up part of every day for this mother.  So does the love you give me and the faith you have in my love.

You are why I celebrate Mother’s Day every day, Hunter.  I prayed for you to come into existence.  I dreamed of you.  I saw you before I ever knew you were on the way.  You are my little light growing into a beacon.   You make me want to be a better mom and a better person, sweetheart.IMG_0387



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Little One, You Are Loved

“I am not going to love you, Mom.”

“That’s fine, honey, I love you no matter what.”

“NO! REALLY MOM!!!! I am never loving you again! REALLY.”

You were mad. You went to bed in your bed for the first time. And you were scared. Mad and scared. You cried yourself to sleep.

Shortly, you cried out, “Mommy!! I am so scared!!” I came and carried you to our bed. You slept snuggled up to me all night.

In the morning, you said, “Mama, I thought about what I said last night about not loving you. And I am sorry. I love you mommy.”

“My sweet little one. I love you no matter what. You are loved more than you’ll ever know.”

You are five years old. Everything is a big deal. I will let you feel your feelings. And I will love you through them. I will always comfort you.



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Summer 2017

My soul soaks in the song
As white wisps float fantastically
In the hot blue sky
And the sun prickles the
Pigment of my skin.


Long drives on rambling roads
Where worn rubber presses
Tightly against scorched pavement
And I pass green-gold fields
Full of promise.


I smell sun-baked pine needles
And watch glinting waves
Lick the rocky mountain lake shore
as the raging river full of
spring-melted snow slows
And becomes one with the lake.


Periwinkle Fleabane blooms
At the dust-choked, sun-drenched
Trailhead and feeds the bumble bee
Drifting from blossom to blossom.


The desert-like mountain heat
stops the clock and the
Bear Grass stands at ram-rod
Attention saluting the sky.


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The Best Dad

The best dad says he’s sorry
when he loses his temper
when he overreacts or
says a mean thing.

The best dad says I Love You
when the sun rises
when the skies open with rain
when day turns to night.

The best dad shows
what hard work looks like
what loving a mom means
what patience is.

The best dad admits
his faults
his joys
his hurts.

The best dad knows
your faults
your joys
your hurts.

The best dad encourages
your dreams
your exploration

The best dad cries
when you cry
when you have tears of happiness
when you grow up and go.

The best dad stands
up for you
between you and any danger
with you.

The best dad teaches

you have the best dad.
~annie ricci~

Love, Mom

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