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Covid-19 Quarantine Letter to My Boy

Dear Hunter,

One day you will be older and reading this.  When you look back on this time in your life, I hope you remember that you had fun outside.  You target practiced with your bow & arrows.  You stalked chipmunks with your BB gun.  You drove the side-by-side 4-wheeler all over the back pasture.  You played.  You did some school work.  You probably spent too much time with the TV and the iPad.  And you missed your friends.  But you loved being home with me, too.

You helped me a lot.  During the time we were quarantined, I was recovering from knee surgery.  You were my runner.  You ran my smoothie upstairs for me.  You ran the laundry downstairs for me. You ran the dogs outside for some fresh air. You ran around like the wild seven-year-old little boy you were.

Thank you for your sweet spirit and fun personality.  Thank you for being smart and interested in the natural world.  Speaking of world… you are my whole world, my sweet son.  The craziness of the coronavirus pandemic scares me for you.  There will come a day when something like this happens again and I might not be here to keep you safe at home with me.  But I trust that you will always do the right and smart thing.

One day in the future when you are reading this, I hope you look back and remember we laughed and put puzzles together.  I hope you remember we snuggled on the couch and stayed up late watching tv.  One day in the future when you are reading this, I hope you remember the feel of my arms hugging you tightly.  Because these days, I am holding on a little longer and little tighter.

I love you, my sweet boy, I love you!


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Peace of the Morning

Cup of tea

The dogs and me

Draped on the couch

In the pre-dawn gray

Relishing the calm

Before the Saturday storm

Of chores and errands

And little boy’s Mach-10 energy

Only the tick-tocks of the clock

And then … Mommy?

Ah…I love the

Peace of the morning

~annie Ricci~

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Sometimes I Forget…

to press publish on a blog post.  Soooo…the post I wrote for your Kindergarten graduation has now been published a week into first grade.  Like I said, sometimes I forget…

My sweet son,

Sometimes I forget that you are still a little boy.  I forget that one day I will miss the times when you ask me to snuggle.  I forget that I will miss the days when you pull me by the hand to show me something.

Sometimes, when I am harsh, I forget that you are tender-hearted.  Sometimes, when I am rushing, I forget that you still need help.  Sometimes, when I am tired, I forget that you still need all of me to be present with you.

Sometimes I forget that you are two months from 7 years old and that you are more than half-way to my full height.  Sometimes I forget that you don’t wear the “T” sizes or the XS sizes anymore.

But, Hunter, there won’t ever come a time, when I forget how much I love you.  I will always love you to the moon and beyond.  And so will your daddy.  You bring the light every day, my sweet child.  Thank you.


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First One Down…

Dear Hunter,

Tomorrow you graduate from kindergarten.  Your teacher, Mrs. Wisher, has been a critical person in your life this past nine months.  She fostered your love of learning and helped you begin reading and doing math.  I know you’ve loved her.  And I am so happy that your first teacher was kind, brilliant, assertive and just what you needed this first year of your educational career.

Daddy and I are amazed at your intellectual abilities at such a young age.  We are both very proud of the fine student you are becoming.  Even though recess has been your favorite part of school every day, I know you also love to learn.

Tomorrow is also your last day of t-ball.  Next year you will be on the big-boy team experiencing real pitching, real scoring.  I know you will knock it out of the park…just like you’ve done during t-ball.

My wonderful boy, you are the light and joy of my world.  I thank your sweet soul for choosing me to be your mother.  Keep learning and continue loving to learn, my sweet little one.  Your education will take you places beyond your wildest imagination…it will open doors.

I know I will cry tomorrow.  Not because I am sad…but because I am so proud of you and because these days and years are flying by too fast.


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Yellowstone on a Sunday

I want to…IMG_1941
…feel the earth
…smell the sun
…hear the stars
…wildly run

I want to…
…bar the world
…whisper on your lips
…caress away worry
…rise up to your hips

I want to…
…roll in wildflowers
…breathe in Yellowstone
…grace Old Faithful
…roam with buffalo

I will…
…trust the Divine’s Plan
…honor Mother Earth
…hold each moment sacred
…act with Love first

~annie ricci~

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Happy 6th, Big Boy!


Dear Hunter,

This time six years ago, you had been in my arms for all of five hours, after having been plucked from my belly because you refused to enter the world on anyone’s terms but your own.  And you still greet the world that way…on your own terms.  You are outgoing, confident, smart, happy, energetic and the joy of my life.

You make dad and me laugh every day because you have a unique sense of humor.  You love animals and fishing and hunting and everything outdoors.  You are also sensitive and kind.  You have a wonderful imagination and ask interesting questions.  Your insights astound me sometimes.

Dad and I love you more than you will ever know.  Some days it’s hard to be good parents and say no to your every desire and whim.  It’s hard to teach you lessons like the importance of telling the truth and working toward goals.  But we do it because you deserve to be raised with values like honesty, hard work, and compassion.

My hope for you this coming year is that you keep your wide-eyed innocence even as you continue to learn about the world around you.  Thank you for being our son.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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For Steve – on the Death of his Mom

…my mother-in-law passed away on October 1, 2018.
My husband was with her during


Doris and Steven Ricci 2017

her last days and there for her last breath.  He shared with me his experiences and his precious moments of that time.  I crafted this poem for him and he read it at her memorial service.


You smiled with love and held onto my face.

We chatted about everyone and every place.

You came in and out, not always quite there.

I watched over you and gently stroked your hair.

They were both easy and hard, those last few days.

When you called me “little asshole”, I knew you were okay.

We laughed and we cried and we hugged and we kissed.

I held on to each moment even as I felt my world shift.

I felt the change take over your breath.

And my heart thudded like stone in my chest.

I held your thin and lovely face in my hands.

And I kissed it with all the love that I had.

I saw you. Mother. Friend. Woman. Wife.

I felt the dignity you had every day of your life.

I thanked you and told you we would all be okay.

I said we would miss you but that you could go today.

Go and be with Daddy, and Papa, and Non.

Go.  And know that you were the very best mom.

~annie ricci~

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