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Clean Floors

My 11-month old cleans my floors, how lucky am I? The dust mop sits in the corner of the laundry room collecting… you guessed it… dust.  And my son pushes and pulls himself along the wood floors gathering dirt, dead bugs and crumbs from under the high chair along the way.

There are a couple of glitches in the new floor cleaning system, however. Hunter does one pass, not quite the length of  any given room and he’s just not very wide. Also, he picks up every dog and mommy hair between his little thumb and forefinger. Holding them up for me to see, he squeals in delight when he slurps them down as I am rushing to grab them from his grasp or mouth.  If I am fast enough to grab at least my long hair and pull it out before he can get the whole thing down, he bellows in protest and scrambles to the carpet on hands and knees, thus not even finishing the floor job.

Sometimes he’s industrious and actually washes the floor, too. He sits looking at a spot on the floor and then spits and spits and spits on it.  Once he has a nice puddle he slaps his hands in it, laughing at his own ingenuity in creating a pool of water in which to play. When that activity gets old, he crawls through the puddle of spit on his way to something new and exciting (like pulling the schnauzer’s beard), leaving a nice slug trail in his wake. But once it dries I can say I have a spit-shined floor.

Now that he’s napping, I think I will go commission the dust mop….

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Unconditional Love

Does it exist? I think so. In certain circumstances under certain conditions. Right now, I experience it on two fronts: giving and receiving. Lucky, huh? I believe I am.

I heard from friends and strangers about that falling-in-love feeling a new mom gets when she holds her baby for the first time. “There’s nothing like it,” I was told, “it’s unconditional.” I knew I’d love him when he showed up. I had hoped and prayed and dreamed of him for so, so long before he arrived.  I couldn’t possibly love him  more after his birth. I was wrong. I love him more every day.  And this love, this mother’s love, is truly without condition.

I wouldn’t wake up every two to three hours every night for just anyone.  I wouldn’t pause my career for just anyone.  I do it gladly for this little person who fills my heart with a there’s-nothing-like-it-love.

But there’s a symbiotic relationship happening here. My son has the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen, next to my dad’s and my grandfather’s.  His unconditional love for me lasers out of them and into me like the Luxor’s bright beam shoots into space. His big, sometimes sideways, toothless grin lights up his whole face when he sees me (and it’s not only because I am the booby lady).  That I would ever make another human that happy with just my presence, humbles me.

I know these precious baby-days won’t last forever. He won’t always look at me like that.  I won’t always be his whole world. One day I’ll say “no” and he will scrunch up his face and throw a tantrum to beat all tantrums.

So for now, I will carve these looks, this feeling, this love into my brain as if carving into granite. I will appreciate and savor every scrumptious moment of giving and receiving unconditional love.


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Man’s (and mama’s) Best Friend

One of my best friends posted that her four-legged canine buddy passed away.  Made me go hug and love on our two hounds, thankful that our 14 yr old black lab and 8 yr old schnauzer are still with us.

There’s just something about a dog’s unconditional love that makes them so unique and special in the world of pets.  Loyalty. Loyalty. Loyalty. All they want is to please us, love us, and be loved in return. (Ok, so a couple of cookies might be on their agenda, too… at least they are for my schnauzer.)

And he deserves a couple extra cookies, in my book. Everyone worried about how he’d be once my son was born. Would he be jealous? Would he do ‘something’?  After all, he was my ‘baby’ first.

He watched over us is what he did. Looking back now (and it wasn’t that long ago), the first few weeks having our son home was blurry and foggy.  Probably due to lack of sleep and adjusting to new parenthood.  Wherever I laid down to nurse the baby, our schnauzer would jump up on the bed and place himself between us and the door.  He’d face the bedroom door and sleep with one eye open, I am sure. He’d follow us into the nursery and watch the door. He’d run to the nursery if the baby was crying there. He looks at me with that, “Aren’t-you-going-to-help-the-kid” look when our son is fussing.

I want this little dog with me (and my son) forever…

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