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Father’s Day 2016

Dear Son,

Your Daddy loves you more
than mountains love spring rain.
You pull his world around
like the moon pulls the tide.
And when your tears flow
he feels your anger and your pain.
When you ask to get on his shoulders
he never refuses giving the ride.

Daddy will be your rock when life
throws you this way and that.
He’ll teach you what’s what:
like how to build, how to fix,
how to fish and how to hunt.
He’ll show by example how to be a man.
And you can be sure, if you’ve earned it,
you’ll also get your licks.

Your Daddy loves you the whole world
and then some.


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Moving from one place in life to another is not easy.  I am recognizing what it takes to move, whether it’s a new job, new life stage or new state. It’s all an upheaval of epic proportions and not for the faint of heart.

There is a space of ‘in-between-ness’ with certain moves where time feels like it slows or gets measured differently.  When I was waiting for my son’s birth, in those last few weeks of pregnancy, I was between being a mom and not being a mom. I felt like I would be this behemoth woman forever and that my son would never be born. I measured time by the numbers of doctor visits we went to each week.  And I called this place my state of grace.

Most in-between spaces don’t even come close to that.  They are messy.  Literally.  Moving a household is a messy job. And it produces insanity in typically sane people. I know, I recently moved (OK, it was 7 months ago now…but I remember it like it was yesterday!) from one state to another.  And leaving friends and comfort zones like the favorite Pho restaurant can feel pretty sad. OK, so I am not really sad about leaving the Pho restaurant behind. But I definitely miss the pals!

Changing jobs… definitely ranks high on the stress and mess scale. Even a good job shift isn’t easy.  Learning new people, new systems and again, leaving a comfort zone of the “known” increases the blood pressure.

Getting through that in-between stage can really suck. But coming out on the other side, looking back and saying, “wow, I actually did THAT!”… well, I think that is pretty dang cool.

So, if you are in that in-between stage with something… hang in there.  If you’ve made it through, pat yourself on the back and say, “Job well done.”


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My Vows


Before you were born … about two weeks before your birth, actually, your dad and I got married. We didn’t need a piece of paper to cement our commitment to each other because that existed in our hearts already.  I had been telling him for years that he was “stuck with me.”  I think he may finally believe me. 

In any case, I want you to know what I promised him when I married him. He deserves this promise because he is an honorable man and a good person. He is my best friend and I respect him. He’s a great dad and an example for you to follow as you grow.

I hope that you find a partner in life, someone to whom you can write your own vows….

Here’s what I said to your dad the day we wed:

…to be your best friend

…to hold your dreams as sacred as I hold my own

…to have your back at all times

…to treat you with kindness and respect, even if I am angry

…to share my feelings even if it might upset you

…to give you space when you need it

…to listen to you with an open heart and mind

…to be strong when you feel weak 

…to walk beside you, never too far in front or too far behind

…to never give up on you or us

…to love you when you feel or act unlovable

…to cut you some slack when you need it

…to accept your help when I need it

…to laugh with you every day we are together

…to believe in you

…to love you

…to trust you

…to spend the rest of your life with you




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