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Clean Floors

My 11-month old cleans my floors, how lucky am I? The dust mop sits in the corner of the laundry room collecting… you guessed it… dust.  And my son pushes and pulls himself along the wood floors gathering dirt, dead bugs and crumbs from under the high chair along the way.

There are a couple of glitches in the new floor cleaning system, however. Hunter does one pass, not quite the length of  any given room and he’s just not very wide. Also, he picks up every dog and mommy hair between his little thumb and forefinger. Holding them up for me to see, he squeals in delight when he slurps them down as I am rushing to grab them from his grasp or mouth.  If I am fast enough to grab at least my long hair and pull it out before he can get the whole thing down, he bellows in protest and scrambles to the carpet on hands and knees, thus not even finishing the floor job.

Sometimes he’s industrious and actually washes the floor, too. He sits looking at a spot on the floor and then spits and spits and spits on it.  Once he has a nice puddle he slaps his hands in it, laughing at his own ingenuity in creating a pool of water in which to play. When that activity gets old, he crawls through the puddle of spit on his way to something new and exciting (like pulling the schnauzer’s beard), leaving a nice slug trail in his wake. But once it dries I can say I have a spit-shined floor.

Now that he’s napping, I think I will go commission the dust mop….

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