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Little Boy Dreams About…

Little Boy Dreams About…

…adventures in the woods
…fishing in streams
…snowshoe-backpacking on the mountain
…catching critters
…hunting trips with daddy
…wrestling the dog
…snuggling close to mom
…campfire heat on his face
…splashing and sploshing and skipping stones
…comparing footprints with grizzlies
…growing up
…growing up
…growing up
…he dreams about growing up so fast
…my head spins
…my heart sinks deep
…I search for my stiff upper lip
…eye lashes gating tears
…my dream
…keeps me in his field of vision
…and runs face-first
…after his dreams.
~annie ricci~

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What a Difference a Year Makes

This time last year, I worked in two locations, driving 90 miles between them. I split my week between two homes – one with my mom and one with my partner. I struggled with not being able to get pregnant. I felt pudgy and out of shape due to changes in lifestyle and some medication I took to help me get pregnant. I lamented over some things I couldn’t control, even though I knew better. I mean, I tell clients all the time to let go of what they can’t control.

Sometimes it’s hard to follow my own advice.

At some point in January of this year, I worked on it, though.  Letting go of what I couldn’t control. Stopped the crazy medication, started up the exercise and running program again, started a new business with the goal of getting into one location only. Let go of “trying” to get pregnant. 

As I write this, I can hear my son’s cooing and gurgling as he’s trying to wake up. He was born 7 weeks ago. I work in one location. I successfully sold the business that’s 90 miles away from the home I share with my now-husband.

I really believe that in letting go of trying to control things I had no control over anyway, I relaxed enough to let mother nature take over… to let creativity and imagination work.

I am not sure what this personal blog will include.  Not sure about offering up my raw prose (and sometimes poetry) to the world. But I know I’ve the fire to write something somewhere. 

So here’s where I begin… at the end of a year full of blessings.

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