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Lessons Learned From My 7-Week-Old Son

#1 Stretch when you first wake up… He stretches his whole body. Pulls in his limbs and then out they go in all 4 directions. He arches his little back to one side and then the other. I tried it. It feels good. Especially stretching my arms out way over my head. Makes me breathe in deeply and get more oxygen. That’s never a bad thing.

#2 Greet the morning with lots of smiles and giggles. When he smiles and giggles at me first thing in the morning, its contagious. Of course I smile and giggle back at him. Imagine if we all smiled at people first thing in the morning instead of grumbling? ¬†People would smile back at us and we’d all start feeling just a little bit happier. I know that’s how I feel when we have that little exchange.

#3 Don’t sit in your own mess for too long, it will start sticking to you. My son doesn’t like having a poopy diaper for too long. He’ll definitely tell me about it, too. (After all, he still needs help w/ his ‘messes’.) If it’s been a little too long, the yuckies sometimes stick. We all make messes in our lives… The sooner we clean it up, the sooner we can get on w/ the rest of life. And, it is ok if you need help cleaning it up. You just have to let someone know you need a hand.

These may no-brainers for most people. And, of course, I knew all the above before my son came into my life. But he reminded me in a way that stuck more poignantly…¬†

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