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Moving from one place in life to another is not easy.  I am recognizing what it takes to move, whether it’s a new job, new life stage or new state. It’s all an upheaval of epic proportions and not for the faint of heart.

There is a space of ‘in-between-ness’ with certain moves where time feels like it slows or gets measured differently.  When I was waiting for my son’s birth, in those last few weeks of pregnancy, I was between being a mom and not being a mom. I felt like I would be this behemoth woman forever and that my son would never be born. I measured time by the numbers of doctor visits we went to each week.  And I called this place my state of grace.

Most in-between spaces don’t even come close to that.  They are messy.  Literally.  Moving a household is a messy job. And it produces insanity in typically sane people. I know, I recently moved (OK, it was 7 months ago now…but I remember it like it was yesterday!) from one state to another.  And leaving friends and comfort zones like the favorite Pho restaurant can feel pretty sad. OK, so I am not really sad about leaving the Pho restaurant behind. But I definitely miss the pals!

Changing jobs… definitely ranks high on the stress and mess scale. Even a good job shift isn’t easy.  Learning new people, new systems and again, leaving a comfort zone of the “known” increases the blood pressure.

Getting through that in-between stage can really suck. But coming out on the other side, looking back and saying, “wow, I actually did THAT!”… well, I think that is pretty dang cool.

So, if you are in that in-between stage with something… hang in there.  If you’ve made it through, pat yourself on the back and say, “Job well done.”


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Ok, so this is not an SNL skit…and I am not Chris Farley.  And it’s not really a van. It’s a fifth-wheel RV.  And it’s not a river…more like a dry creek bed or a low spot in the earth, really.

But I am here just the same. What I call the next evolution.  My husband and I are on the hunt for our next home after having sold ours when it was buried under four feet of snow in December.  Moving day arrived yesterday and we still haven’t found our next home. So, we are on an extended camping trip…at an RV park in Western Washington.

The stories of this time in our lives will be fun to tell my son as he grows up. It will become part of the history, the lore of our family.  I can see now that those stories will be like fisherman’s stories and ‘the one that got away that was this big’ kind of stories.”Remember that time when we lived in the RV…” (*cough* I mean, in a van down by the river)?

Isn’t that part of the fun of being a family? The shared history and stories? They color our lives and mould us.  There will always be sad chapters because we can’t control things like death. But we can control how we weave that kind of loss into the overall story. Like living in an RV park… it could be a WTH kind of chapter or it could be a LOL kind of chapter. 

I am going with LOL! I mean, if you’ve seen the Chris Farley skit, who doesn’t laugh when he says: “….IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!”? 


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