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Motherhood – Slightly Out Of Focus

Motherhood is a little out of focus now and then. Just when you think you have it down, when you say, “I got this,” it changes. Nap time starts sooner, or later and lasts longer or barely a half hour. It’s a fuzzy thing, nap time. 

The Future, once crystal clear like the moon viewed through a telescope, becomes a bit blurry. The little human’s immediate needs take priority over all future plans, like showering or dinner.

Self-assuredness gets a little shaky. Should I order up the next size larger diaper from Amazon? Which onesie should I pack in the diaper bag? How important is it that I clean that toy that just fell on the floor? Hmmm… if it was a piece of dark chocolate for me then the 10 minute rule clearly applies. A little dirt and extra germ or two never hurt anyone, right? 

If motherhood was clean-edged, completely mapped out then bookshelves wouldn’t be laden with books on how to do it right.  I find it funny how they all say, “You are the expert on your child,” and go on to advise in ways that make the reader feel anything but.

Just like taking pictures, sometimes I am gonna get this motherhood thing just right… the lighting, the zoom, the color, the contrast…and then sometimes my motherhood skills will be slightly (or maybe totally) out of focus.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the out-of-focus moms like me!

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