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No No No NO NO

My sweet boy,

You love to say, “No.” And you practice saying it in all sorts of ways. Sometimes you say it with a smile and a laughing squeal as you run away from me with the sunglasses your dad bought me the summer I was pregnant with you. Then there are the times when you SCREAM NONONONONONONO at the top of your lungs when it’s time to get in your car seat and you REALLY DO NOT want to.

I know you’ve learned that because dad and I say “No” to a lot. And it’s usually because you are doing or you are about to do something that might not turn out so well -either for you or for us… Like climbing on the top rail of the porch or playing with the keyboard on the computer.

As I see your abilities and confidence grow, I am trying to say “Yes” more often. Sometimes lessons are only learned when you have permission to fail… or fall. But they are also learned when you succeed. I don’t want your success to be stymied by my “No’s” because I was scared.

I promise to do my best to be brave and say “YES!” more often so we can grown and learn together.


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Posted by on July 21, 2014 in Letters To My Son


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