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Summer smells like pine trees and just-cut-sweet hay
feels like joy and dances on my skin
while dragon flies slip-slide on the breeze
darting in and out of cottonwood trees

Summer explodes color, mixes them
like oils on the artist’s palate
marigold orange, sunflower yellow
alfalfa green

Summer sings love songs on humming bird wings
with a rhythm faster than the beating heart
at night it sings cricket songs in harmony
with sprinklers and laughing children

Summer rides its own heat wave
like a surfer hangin’ ten
on a long board
all the way into Autumn


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Summer Joy!


We are lucky to have so many different wildflowers blooming at different times of the summer. It’s a good reminder that we each boom differently at different times. If we showed all of our colors all at once and, then we were done blooming, there would be less color in our lives and in our world.

Don’t watch others who are blooming around you with envy, wishing that was you, too. You will bloom when the time is right and your colors will be brilliant!

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